So what are eyebrow dormers? A dormer for your eyebrows? Of course not, an eyebrow dormer, also known as a roof dormer is a wavy dormer that protrudes from the slope of a roof. It usually has a glass window that is either fixed or an operable window. The benefits and disadvantages to having this type of dormer on your roof will be explained in the article.

Eyebrow dormers offer a mix of both aesthetically pleasing features, as well as functionality. They bring a subtle way to bring light into your home, ventilate your top floor, and breaking up the regular monotony of a flat or sloped room. If you plan on selling your home in the future, these dormers add a certain elegance and beauty that would only increase your home’s value.

However, if the dormers are not installed improperly, water can easily leak through, rot your rafters, and leak into your top floor space. Water intrusion can be inspected around the interior and exterior of the window, and if there does happen to be a leak, it could be easily fixed. Really the only way for water to come in the first place is for some really bad work installing the dormer.

With these things in mind, there are really great benefits to having these eyebrow dormers installed on your home.