If you want to have a smooth inspection, there are a few things that you as the homeowner can do to make sure that there are no delays in the process. Usually, if anything is going to need repairs, these need to be done before the inspection is performed.

Any light-bulbs that are out should be replaced, since this will make it seem as if the light is not working. Keep the area around your water heater, HVAC equipment and circuit breakers clear so they can be accessed for the inspection.

Clear out any garbage and debris from around your foundation, since these can be nesting or hiding places for pests.

You might also want to trim back any shrubbery or tree-limbs that are too close to the house.

If you are a pet-owner, secure your pets so they won’t disturb the inspector. Ideally, they should be in an area where the inspector doesn’t need to go.