Most people never give a second thought to going up and down the stairs of their home, it’s just another routine action, however, the reality is that many household accidents occur on or around the stairs. Certain people are more vulnerable when it comes to this type of accident such as the elderly, young children, or handicapped. We can see the importance, then, of making sure this well-used area of the home does not become hazardous. What problems should we look out for?

Make sure handrails and banisters do not become loose as this poses a serious risk to anyone supporting themselves going up or downstairs. Also, make sure banisters are not spaced too far apart as a child’s head could easily become stuck.

Bad lighting on or around a staircase can become very dangerous, especially for those with poor eyesight or elderly people. Check to see if there is sufficient lighting in these areas of your home.

Stairs of unequal height will increase the risk of someone falling up them or, worse still, falling down them. The same risk presents itself if the stairs are too steep also.

If stair carpeting becomes loose, this is yet another danger as it can cause someone to very easily trip and fall. If you notice any loose carpeting on the stairs, make sure you address the problem immediately. If you do not have stair carpet, be sure not to over wax wooden stairs which could make them extremely slippery.

Outside steps can be tremendously dangerous, particularly if they are not properly maintained. They require the appropriate amount of slope so that water does not pool on them. This could pose a huge risk of injury especially if the water turns to ice.

Yes, reminding ourselves of potential dangers in the home is a good thing to do once in a while, so that everyone in home stays as safe as possible.