HomeGauge Inspection SoftwareBuying a home is a big decision. For most of us, it is the biggest purchase we will ever make in life. So having a great home inspection is key to protecting your investment, and ultimately, your future. But what is a great home inspection if you don’t get a great report afterward? The home inspection report is a critical piece of your entire real estate transaction.

We here at Indian Rock Home Inspections provide our clients with a modern, easy-to-read, and comprehensive inspection report of our in-site findings during your home inspection. Our reports include clear pictures and descriptions that make repairs and negotiations a breeze.

We also include with every home inspection report the ability to take items from our report and generate a repair request for the seller. It seamlessly creates a list of items from the report and sends the seller a request for repairs and/or credits. all of these great tools come with our complete home inspections and report.