Stoneham Home InspectionsStoneham Home Inspections – Stoneham is a wonderful little town to live in, and one that I am very familiar with. Like most of Massachusetts, Stoneham is an old town, and one that requires a home inspector to be extra vigilant. Why is that?

It is because old homes require a home inspector who specializes in older homes – like us. But there is even more to it than that. Home inspectors in Stoneham also need to be familiar with old infrastructure, even if it is not part of a home inspection.

For instance, as of the writing of this post (September 9, 2018) the Town of Stoneham just lifted a “boil water ban“. This type of thing happens from time to time in older neighborhoods, and being aware of them helps when owning a home here.

There are other items and potential issues that come with the homes here as well. For instance, many of the older homes here have old cast iron plumbing pipes. Cast iron is great, but over the period of time that they have been in the omes they tend to develop clogs or just slow drains. They also leak many times as well.

Another thing to be concerned with when it comes to older homes here is Knob and Tube wiring. Knob and Tube wiring was used at the early part of the 2oth century. While it was fine to use this type of wiring at that time, it has issues that develop as it gets older. In addition to this, safety standards were a lot lower back then, so Knob and Tube wiring is not considered safe by many lenders and insurance companies and can make getting a loan or insurance on a home difficult.

These are just two of the issues that can come up on home inspections in Stoneham. While there are issues, the older homes here (and the newer ones as well) are just fantastic, and we really love inspecting them. If you are buying or selling a home in Stoneham MA, then contact us, your premier Stoneham home inspectors!