Having uninterrupted electricity in the home is something we’ve all become so used to, if it shuts off for any length of time, it can totally disrupt our lives. For some people with health problems etc, it could be a serious matter if there is not power. Is it a wise decision then, to buy a portable generator?

There are a good many advantages to having a portable generator. When your power goes out, you can simply switch to the generator.

Some of the benefits of purchasing one are:

They are small enough transport, making them an ideal option for someone who enjoys camping or going to remote locations etc.

You do not usually need a special permit to own and operate one, an there is no type of difficult installation.

A typical generator will run on gasoline.

As with all types of equipment though, there are some things to consider if you decide to buy a portable generator.

If your power is out, it could be very tempting to overload it. This will prevent it from functioning as it should, and even more important it could cause a fire.

Portable generators are not meant for appliances hard wired for your home. Their design is for corded appliances.

Portable generators produce carbon monoxide, which we all know to be lethal, with this in mind, never have one running in the house.

There is a risk of electric shock if water gets onto it while it is running.

As we all know, gasoline is a very flammable liquid, to avoid possible fire, be very careful to not spill any on a hot generator.

In summary, a portable generator is a very beneficial thing to have as long as it is operated with much care.