Peabody Home inspections

Peabody MA Home Inspectors

Peabody home inspections – no one is more qualified than us! We have been inspecting homes in Peabody MA for years, and we provide the best inspection services out there. Just like much of MA, Peabody is an area with homes from various ages. You will find houses here that are brand new, and then some of the oldest lived-in homes in the United States.

That is why hiring the right home inspector is very important. You want a home inspector who truly knows the area here. You want a home inspector who can dig into your home inspection with complete confidence with what they do, and how they do it. We are that type of home inspector, and we would be happy to provide you the same high level of inspections and service that we have provided the area for many years now.

Peabody Home Inspections – The Right Way

The right way to inspect a home in Peabody is to, first of all, consider its age. Is it an older home – or was it recently built? That will tell us exactly what we are working with. When you first contact us, that is one of the things that we love to know up-front. As we prepare to inspect the home, we take into account any special features of the home – such as maybe a specific roof type or a unique type of foundation, like a PWF (which are not common around here, but do happen).

Then we start on the outside of your home, which gives us a good idea of what we are working with. After that, we get to the “guts” of your house – such as the basement, attic, any crawlspaces, mechanicals, and so on. We then record our findings and put them into a clear home inspection report for you. We are really proud of our inspection services here, and if you choose us as your home inspector, we will perform the best inspection we possibly can for you!

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