Looking for Home Inspectors in Merrimac?

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If you are buying here this time of year, then snow is likely going to play a factor. Merrimac is on the Southern Border of New Hampshire, and we get plenty of the “white stuff” here.

So what are some things to keep in mind if you are buying a home in the winter here, or more important if you are getting your home inspection in the winter?

Below are a few points to keep in mind:

Merrimac Home Inspections – in the Winter

First of all, don’t let the snow scare you away. There are advantages and disadvantages to having snow on the ground during a home inspection.

The disadvantage is that snow can cover things. For instance, it is very difficult to see the condition of sidewalks, the roof, patios, and things like that. But are there really advantages to having snow on the ground? The answer is yes.

Snow is the true test of a home and how it works here in the Northeast. For instance, consider the roof. Inspecting a roof on a bright sunny day may help us to see the condition of the shingles, but not their function. In other words, in dry weather, you can’t see leaking.

When there is snow on the roof though, it will find every little leak possible – even more than rain. This means certain items like the roof – you will actually get a better inspection in many ways.

This holds true for things like the structural integrity of a roof, a deck, a detached garage, and many other items. Because snow weighs so much, only when it is present can you see how a home handles it.

So if you are thinking of getting a home inspection in the winter time, be sure to consider the pros and the cons. The pros of a winter home inspection speak for themselves, and can be very advantageous for you as a buyer.