Buying or selling a home in Melrose?

Melrose MA Home inspectionsMelrose is a wonderful area of Massachusetts that is great to live in. Like most areas around here, it has many older homes with incredible charm and history. Mixed in with that are some newer homes as well, but that do not detract from the charm of Melrose.

Melrose also has a pretty informative official website. There is always something that is going on here (in a good way) and makes life here enjoyable. As of the writing of this blog, though, there was a notice of sewer work being done on the official Melrose Website. This is pretty common to see around this area, as the infrastructure gets older, then it starts to need more work and maintenance than in the past. But this also tells us about the homes here in Melrose, and what homebuyers and home sellers should look out for.

Melrose MA Home Inspections

If you are reading this blog, then you likely already know that I am a local home inspector here, and I talk a lot about the older homes here and how they need a certain trained eye to be able to find the issues. But we don’t often talk about the newer homes in our area, and how adding new homes to old infrastructure can create certain issues.

One such issue that home inspectors in Melrose MA should know is plumbing issues. Many times we see all the new plumbing in our home, the white Schedule 40 PVC and we feel very comfortable and happy with it. But at some point, even if it is down the road several blocks, our plumbing will eventually hook up to something older than our home.

This older plumbing can cause many issues, but one of the most common is a sewer backup – which is incredibly gross. SO what can be done about this? Well, you can’t replace the plumbing in Melrose in the streets (although Melrose does a decent job of upkeep) but you can think about adding a main sewer line check valve. This check valve allows sewage to go out – but not come back in.

This little tidbit of information is just another reason why hiring a local home inspector such as us is so important – whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or just maintaining a home. Contact us today!