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Lynnfield MA Home InspectionsWelcome to Indian Rock Home Inspections, LLC. We are your premier Lynnfield MA Home Inspectors. Why can we say that? Because we know the homes here in Lynnfield – inside and out.

I have worked on and inspected the homes here for a long time, and I know the issues and personality of the homes better than most. Many home inspection companies nowadays are franchises or larger companies who care little about the idiosyncrasies of homes.

We are less interested in the bottom line, and more interested in being the best at our profession. One of the things that make us better than most home inspectors in Lynnfield is our specialty in older homes. Lynnfield was first established in 1638 – nearly 400 years ago! So if you are a home inspector here, then you had better specialize in older homes.

Older homes bring unique challenges. A home inspector must know all of the building styles that have been used here for almost 400 years. Post and beam construction, balloon framing, fieldstone foundations, dutch hipped roofs, mortise joints, tree pins, and other items that a home inspector will see on any given day here.

What Are Some Issues Found on Lynnfield MA Home Inspections?

There are many issues that are found in homes during an inspection, but here in Lynnfield, there are certain ones that tend to stand out:

  • Knob and Tube Wiring – This is a pretty common wiring type found in older homes. While it was functional 100 years ago, this type of wiring is older and usually past its prime. Many insurance companies won’t insure your house if this wiring is present either.
  • Structural Alterations – Older homes are sturdy until you start moving things. If you handmade beams 200 years ago, you didn’t put them in a home just for the look – they all had a function. Many times when people make alterations to an older structure, they cause structural issues that don’t become apparent for years.
  • Asbestos – The home does not have to be incredibly old to have asbestos in it. Asbestos in the home in the form of pipe insulation, vermiculite, or other materials can be a health issue.

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