Installing a shelving display can add a great look to any bedroom. There are lots of different reasons why you might want to add shelving units to your bedroom space. Some people like to display art, books, or plants on shelves. You can use them for additional storage. There are a lot of options for why you would wanna display shelving in your bedroom. Let’s discuss, some of the best places to install these units.

Display shelves above a nightstand is always a good idea why?. It’s a great place to store books or other things that you might want at hand doing the night.

A great area for shelf display is above the dresser. This is a great way to add additional storage of personal items. You can place cubes or baskets on the shelf to create space for more storage.

Good space to display shelving is next to the bed when there are not any nightstands. These shelves will make a great substitute for a nightstand. Floating shelves are great for this purpose.

A blank wall in our bedroom can become a display for multiple shelves of different lengths and sizes. Imagine, plants placed on a group of shelves to display a cascading fall of foliage. Oh, how beautiful. Place a home diffusor with essential oils or candles on a shelf. The result? It gives the room a sweet-smelling odor and adds a nice touch.

Go for it, add shelving units in the bedroom. You can do be sure that it will add to the look and functionality of the bedroom.