If you are a homeowner and want to schedule a home inspection, how can you ensure that you get the most thorough inspection possible? Perhaps you think that is beyond your control, but here are a few suggestions you can follow that will enable the inspector to do a thorough job:


Try to complete your list of repairs before inspection day. When selling a home most homeowners want to get their property in good shape before putting it on the market – this often requires a bit of work. If you have these jobs done ahead of the inspection, it will go a lot smoother. Don’t forget to include testing all your smoke and Co2 detectors and replacing any non-functioning light bulbs, as these could be listed as defective on the inspection report.

For a home inspector to do a thorough job they have to access many areas of the home that are rarely used. Ahead of inspection day, make sure that you do not have obstructions that will prohibit access. For example, make sure there is a clear path to walk through to access the attic and basement, etc. On the day of inspection, you should also leave gates and doors unlocked.

Last but not least, a big problem that can hinder a home inspector is an overprotective pet. While these are very precious members of your household, they can become aggressive when they sense a potential intruder. So, on the day of the inspection, it is usually best to keep your pets in a secured area or take them away from the property while the inspection is being carried out.

As you can see, there is much that a homeowner can do to ensure a thorough and successful home inspection.