Indian Rock Inspections, LLCNot everyone out there is an avid DIY enthusiast but most homeowners, at some point, need to perform some type of DIY task in their home. To make even the simplest job a success, however, the right tools are needed. Let’s see what kind of simple tasks you may need to perform and what tools would be required for the job.

What if you have a picture you want to fix to the wall, what type of tools would help with the job? A hammer and nails are the most obvious tools you will need, but to make sure it’s not uneven and in the right place, a tape measure and level will be required also.

What about those really unpleasant jobs that need doing every so often such as a blocked toilet or drain? While you may be thinking, I’ll just call a plumber, very often all that is required is a plunger, so its good to have one on hand.

Much of the furniture we buy these days requires assembling it yourself at home. A helpful thing to have for this is a screwdriver set that contains flathead and Phillips screwdrivers.

This is just a couple of the jobs you might need to do yourself but there are many other tasks that will require a variety of basic tools. Some other good tools to have in your kit are: a wrench set, safety glasses and other safety gear such as a breathing mask and work gloves, a flashlight and duct tape. You never know, after starting your at-home tool kit, you may decide you enjoy a bit of DIY after all.