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Danvers MA Home Inspections – It takes a lot to be a home inspector in New Danvers MA, or any area for that matter. Most home inspectors get into the business thinking that it is a way to not have to get dirty or to work with your hands. These “home inspectors” think that someone will hand them a checklist and they can just somehow find issues like that.

But let’s be honest, if it were that easy would any of us even hire a home inspector in Danvers MA (or anywhere else)? It takes more than that to be a REAL home inspector.

It takes time and experience. It does not include a “checklist” so to speak, but a comprehensive list of items that we inspect, and carefully consider.

Experience is one of the most important factors for a home inspector though. 10, 20, or even 100 home inspectors can look at a problem and not even know that it is a problem. It’s the one home inspector with the most experience that understands what is going on and can convey that to their client.

Home Inspections often come up with many issues. for instance on home inspections we see broken water heaters, broken windows, leaky roofs, even a bat or two in the attic. When it comes down to it though, Home Inspections often come up with moisture issues. Moisture has EVERYTHING to do with Home Inspections. Moisture is the reason we have a roof to try and keep it out, the reason we worry about mold, and the reason we fix leaks in our plumbing to readily.

If you are shopping for a new home here in Danvers, keep this in mind. Look for moisture stains, leaks, mold, or any other conditions that may affect your home. Don’t wait for the home inspection to find out that your home has a major issue.

So contact me, and see why so many clients continue to choose us for their Danvers MA Home Inspections!