If we have ever spent time watching HGTV, then we have probably heard them talk about cracks. They talk about lateral cracks, vertical cracks, step-cracking, splayed cracks, and many more. Often times though, they try to set a hard and fast rule for their viewers, but a crack is more complex than that, and it is very much situational.

For instance, there is a huge difference between a crack in the slab of a basement floor than in a foundation wall. Generally speaking, the basement floor is not structurally significant – only what is under support posts and walls. So cracks are common to see in a basement floor, and usually, just mean there weren’t enough relief cuts made during construction. This is obviously just speaking “generally”.

Then even in foundation walls, there are huge differences. Is the wall monolithic (i.e. poured), or is it block? Is the foundation brick, or is it PWF (permanent Wood Foundation). A crack in one of these foundation types is completely different than a crack in another foundation type.

Cracks are all different, so be sire to consult an expert before making a determination.