There are many advantages for the use of a backup generator, but disadvantages as well. Here’s a guide to either getting or maintaining your backup/standby generator.

These types of generators can either be turned on when you need them, or they can even be programmed to turn on at a time that you may not be at home, which you can then see the advantages of. Also, systems that are hard-wired, such as your homes furnace, well pump and air conditioner, can all be routed to maintain continuous power from the generator in the case of a power outage.

However, the installation of a standby generator may need a permit, depending on the area you live in, and a qualified technician would have to install it for you. Another thing to consider is that these types of generators are very expensive, but they are well worth the cost, but there must be constant upkeep with the generator as well.

So with all this in mind, a standby generator is a great asset to your house, but you’ll have to pay for the quality.